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The WERZ research group is always happy to receive enquiries from interested, qualified and highly motivated chemists for internships, master theses, Ph.D. or postdoctoral positions. If you are interested in computational work to study mechanisms or electronic structures of unusual molecules feel free to contact Prof. Werz directly.

We are very happy to welcome Master students who want to get more knowledge in experimental work: several payed HiWi positions are available in the group.

To concentrate completely on the lab work during your Master thesis a payed HiWi position will be offered to you.

Scientists that are able to bring their own financial support through a grant-awarding institution are particularly welcome. However, because of an ERC Consolidator Grant also fully funded Ph.D. positions are available.
Please submit your application by email or mail to Prof. Werz.

Postdoctoral applicants should have experience in synthetic organic chemistry, carbohydrate chemistry or catalysis. A detailed CV, certificates, a list of publications and at least two letters of recommendation are required. In addition, your field of interest (related to our research topics) should be indicated in your cover letter. All these documents should be sent as one pdf file. Mass email applications will not be considered, nor will a response be given. Prospective funding agencies are the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and the Marie Curie program. However, for a successful application high-level publications are required.

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