Winter Term 2022/23

Lecture Course: „Organic Reaction Mechanisms (Bachelor)“
The lecture is held three times a week: every Tuesday 10:15-11:00 in HS Chemie, every Wednesday 11:15-12:00 in HS Rundbau, every Thursday 10:15-11:00 in HS Chemie.
The fundamental reaction mechanisms of organic transformations will be discussed. Special emphasis is put on the reactivity and selectivity within organic reactions. Basic knowledge of organic chemistry (OC I and OC II) is absolutely required. Corresponding material is available via Ilias. An accompanying seminar course (Übungen) will be offered for a deeper understanding of the subject (see below).

Seminar Course (Übungen) „Organic Reaction Mechanisms“
A corresponding seminar course will take place every Monday 9:15-10:00 in HS Weismann-Haus (Albertstr. 21) and every Monday 12:15-13:00 in HS Chemie. Respective exercises are available via Ilias after the lecture on Thursday afternoon. It is highly recommended to solve the exercises and to join this course in order to be well prepared for the final exam.

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